Let the Credits Roll…

Design an opening credit intro for the chance to have your work featured at the start of all upcoming Flicker Film Society productions!

Check out the official rules below:

Flicker Film Society is seeking an opening credit intro for official Flicker productions in the coming year (think production company intros like those for MGM, Jerry Bruckheimer, or Pixar).

  • Submissions must include one of the following phrases: “Flicker Film Society,” “A Flicker Film Society Production,” or “A Flicker Film Production.”
  • We ask that the intro represent a similar style to Flicker’s current logo design; however, we will also accept submissions that incorporate the old logo or a new original design.
  • In total the intro must be under 10 seconds.
  • Submissions should be exported as H.264 Quicktime files for screening purposes. Should your submission be chosen as the final design, we will contact you in regards to receiving an uncompressed version.
  • Name your file according to the following format: LastName_FlickerIntroContest.
    Video files may be submitted to flickeruncw@gmail.com in several ways: a private Vimeo link with a download option; a Dropbox link; a shared file on Google Drive; an unlisted video on Youtube.
  • Your file may also be submitted on a CD or a flashdrive deposited in the Flicker Office mailbox.

The final deadline for submissions is Monday, October 20th.

The winner will receive credit in all future Flicker Film Society productions incorporating this design.


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