Officer Retreat Recap

This weekend has been a super busy weekend for the officers!

On Friday night, Caleb, Kenneth, Carson, Sean, Adam, Nick, Joey, and Liz all headed out to a cabin for the annual Flicker Officer Retreat! (And this year, no one ran out of gas halfway there *coughcoughBeaucoughcough*)

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Upon unpacking, things right off the bat got crazy in the awesome way that only our officers could. Caleb was locked out of the cabin as everyone hid in the bathroom, Sean and Kenneth ordered pizza and got a laugh out of the pizza man by dressing Sean up in a ridiculous costume, and some insane props were shared.

Of course, they also got some business done, talking about their goals for themselves as officers and for the club. Some really awesome ideas came up that they’re excited to put into practice this year!

The rest of the night was spent making a short film that we’re debuting at tonight’s meeting – so make sure you’re in Morton 100 at 8pm!

The next morning (after maybe 3 hours of sleep – if that), after a fire alarm adventure

Some of us had trouble getting up...
Some of us had trouble getting up…

and breakfast, the officers discussed expectations for themselves and then headed back to campus to discuss Flicker productions and to update some policies – but more about that at our Pitch Meeting next week!

All around, it was a fun officer retreat. Our verdict? A success!


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