Flicker Film Blog Supplemental: Officer Retreat

Officer Retreat. A weekend dedicated to increase the bonds between members. Too bad not all of us got to go. But the ones that went had fun. Well, for the most part.

Beau refueling his car with Seth and Nick.

Our Saturday started off early as we all congregated by the Seahawk Village. We were all there aside from Adam Getz and Owen Wilson. We were also joined by Flicker member Nick Watson. We left in two different cars. Despite Car #1 having left early Car #2 arrived at Myrtle Beach first. Car # 1 ran out of gas. Aaron Barnett, Beau Mumford, Seth Photopoulos, and Nick Watson all had to walk to the gas station to correct this easily preventable mistake while Caleb Stewart, Kevin Bahr, and Becca Ederer all got to enjoy lunch in Myrtle Beach.

But in the end we all made it to our hotel, Ocean Park Resort. Our hotel room ended up being the location of our short film: Goddammit Beau. Beau, Seth and Kevin went out to the store to do some last minute prop shopping. Following that we all decided to spend some time at the beach. Aaron spent 1238269_428784873908425_23052170_nthat time coming up with a shot list as well as goading Becca and Seth to jump in the ocean. They didn’t enjoy that part. After that we all decided to swim more inland and that’s when we were joined by friends of Flicker Rebecca Rathier and Jordan “Jordaniel” Vogt.

Aaron doing business.

When our friends arrived it was time to shoot our first scene… then we went to dinner. We spent dinner going over Flicker business. Like what we plan to do for the year and whatnot. Also we ate.

When we returned we filmed the rest of the film. The plot is that the officers of Flicker all die because of Beau’s bumbling. From 7 p.m. until about 1:30 a.m. we were all busy dying. Here are some photos from the shoot:

Caleb futzing with the camera.

Filming Becca’s death.
Becca is dead.
Becca is dead.
Aaron is dead.
Aaron is dead.
Seth is dying.
Seth is dying.

At about 2 a.m. everyone decided to go to bed. Well, almost everyone. Aaron, Rebecca, and Seth all stayed out for another 30 minutes to take a look at the beach and try some late night swimming in the pool. We weren’t allowed so Aaron and Rebecca decided to head back in. Seth, however, did not. There were 9 people on the trip; all expected to share the same two bed room. Seth was scared of keeping everyone awake. He decided to spend the entire night walking around town and met some… unsavory individuals.

Aaron is sleepy.

Seth came back at 6 a.m. after meeting an enthused UNCW fan, coming across a drunk guy, and being shown a knife by another drunk guy. He was just in time for the other officers to start waking up. Car #1 had to leave in the morning because Caleb had work at about 10 a.m. Beau, Seth, and Nick stayed behind for a few more hours before going home.

And that was hour little trip. About 24 hours of fun and work. If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. See you in a few days!


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  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting. He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect. by Cicero. eeedfdcgeccg

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