Flicker Film Society: Weekly Blog 9/24/13

Another week has passed and a lot has happened so let’s get this started.

Wills Maxwell, President of Screenwriter’s Club.

Last Monday was the first day of Screenwriter’s Club headed by Wills Maxwell with our very own Kevin Bahr serving as the vice president. At the meeting we had some very delightful introductions followed up by very creepy script readings. Drift, which is scheduled to be our October short film project, was written by our Co-Vice President Beau Mumford and read aloud by Flicker Co-Media Manager Seth Photopoulos and STAGE Company president Liz Bernardo. We had fun reading the script and can’t wait to get this thing shot in October.

After Screenwriter’s Club the officers of Flicker left to set up for the meeting. An equipment seminar where we gave brief presentations of some of the more important items required on set. After that we used the equipment to film a short little thing with all the members who showed up. It’s just a video scrap book but an impressive video scrap book which can be found here.

Owen Wilson doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow.

Of course we also started production on our first sketch using Flicker Members as crew. No More Wishes! was written and directed by Co-Media Managers Seth Photopoulos and Adam Getz respectively. Several Flicker members joined us at Treasurer Owen Wilson’s apartment to shoot two scenes. Despite being slightly disorganized we were able to finish earlier than we thought. But by the intervention of mother nature we weren’t able to shoot on Sunday which caused us to delay shooting until Sunday the 29th.

Well here we are at the end again. Hopefully the large amount of names in this entry didn’t throw you. If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Have a great week!

There’s some cool stuff in the world:

A Fry and Laurie renunion.

A documentary about professional video gaming. Yeah, I did say professional video gaming.


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