Flicker Film Society: Weekly Blog 9/16/13

Well, Flicker members, it seems we’re in the thick of it now. It’s already been a month since school started and we’ve just had our first meeting last week. So let’s go over that meeting.

So last week you all had the chance to meet the officers of Flicker. We gave our speeches, played some games, and even made some birthday wishes for our secretary Becca Ederer. Everyone seemed real excited to be there and hopefully that keeps up because we’re going to start working on actual projects soon.

That’s right, soon we’re going to be filming a sketch and possibly part of a short film before the month is out. The sketch, titled “No More Wishes”, is a short tale of a lost man finding a genie in the forest. Any more than that description will give away too much. We also plan to shoot the opening scene of a short film we shot over the weekend, we’ll get to that later.

542221_349036575228741_968261008_nOn Friday several of the officers went to the Myrmidon Warriors improv workshop and did some improv. It was a grand time and next week they’ll be having a very special guest, Anthony Corvino. Anthony is Wilmington’s premier improv comic and a fantastic teacher so come on by if you want to ask any questions.

After improv we went back to the Student Media Center (SMC) and cleaned up our office to make it more livable. Several members came by to help us out and to that we thank you. Whenever you guys have a question for us or just want to see us in person check our office hours and come visit us. It gets lonely in there. When our cleaning party was finished we headed out to Lumina to catch the 10 o’clock showing of This is the End. Just some of the fun stuff we do at Flicker.

The next day the officers had to wake up early for our retreat in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately not all of us were able to make it but we sure had fun. We went to lunch, went to the beach, and bonded on our little vacation. We also shot the majority of a shortmyrtle-beach-1024x685 film. The film is about the eradication of the Flicker Officers. We all die. Assisting us in our endeavor was new Flicker member Nick Watson was on sound and did a great job. We were also joined by Rebecca Rathier and Jordan “Jordaniel” Vogt working on camera. They had fun and didn’t die.

Out of stuff to write so here we are.  If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Hope to see you all next week.

There’s some cool stuff out in the world:

Theme song of House played on fruit.

This movie is just great.


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