Flicker Film Society: Weekly Blog 8/03/13

Hello everyone and welcome to the (eventually) weekly news blog brought to you by the Flicker Film Society. This is to serve as an introduction to the blog before a more official launch when the school year gets started. In this blog we will discuss Flicker events of the past week, meetings, productions, and other interesting tidbits from the world of entertainment.

Now to move on to what we’ve been doing this summer. Not ones to dawdle about, the officers of Flicker have been producing quality material in the interim of listening to hot summer-jams and enjoying the ocean breeze. The first of which is a short film written, directed, and soon to be edited by our very own President Aaron Barnett. His short film “Chinese Whispers” is a western-comedy about the chaos that can occur on a film set. 

President Aaron Barnett giving direction to lead cowboy Jack Whalen.

Finding a desert set out in Wilmington was a very intriguing process given that it’s a beach town but we persevered and found a dry, sandy spot out by a park near the river. A few days later and we were filming on that secluded spot. We were able to shoot all ten pages of the script in one day (13 hours)! There were some unexpected challenges that we faced like some of the actors backing out and the destruction of a short lived canopy but ultimately we won out against sandy equipment and the sun’s (seemingly aggressive) heat to bring to you all “Chinese Whispers” which is now in post production.

After a short break we decided to move on to producing sketches for our YouTube channel as well as for our TV show that we are planning. The first sketch we shot is “Wizard in the Park” written by Co-Media Manager Seth Photopoulos and directed by Aaron Barnett. The title is self evident but if you’re not sure what’s it’s about it is about a wizard in the park showing off to some random dude he found in a park. This one was knocked out in about two hours due to our filmmaking excellence and the brevity of the nature of sketches.

Treasurer Owen Wilson defacing Seth Photopoulos’ truck with his feet all for filmmaking.

The sketch after that was “Dudes In Crazy Kars” written by Seth Photopoulos and directed by Co-Vice President Beau Mumford. It’s a story of two dudes just trying to get their car started. Wacky. This was a fun shoot despite the fact that the equipment seemed to have been stored in a sub-zero chamber. There were people standing on trucks and singing Disney show-tunes in between performing our duties as filmmakers.

Both of these sketches are to being edited by Secretary Becca Ederer and should be finished shortly.

To veer away from productions we’ve also been planning out the new year. Though much of what we’re planning is still being talked about so we can’t divulge a lot of information but we can say we are planning a spot on TLN and CH 77 which we hope to have by mid-Fall. We’re also going to step up the amount of productions we’ve been doing.

So that’s this blog. Be sure to come back at the beginning of the Fall semester for more updates of the goings on of the Flicker Film Society. If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and other such things.


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