An Urgent Call to all Active Flicker Members

You’re our only hope.

The future of this organization depends on you.  We gained officer nominations this past Monday on the 11th, but our numbers were too few to hold legitimate elections.  Therefore, officer elections have been postponed to this coming Monday, the 18th, at 8:00 in CIS 1008.

That means you still have time to send in nominations by this Sunday.  You still have time to shape the future of this club.  If you have any ideas of what you wish Flicker was or what you want Flicker to do, any ideas as to what you wish Flicker didn’t do, any desire to help others become better filmmakers- then become an officer of Flicker Film Society.  Be there on the 18th to vote for the future officers.

All nominees should be prepared to give a short speech and answer any questions as to their capabilities or their plans.

Again, our officer positions are as follows:
Vice President
Operations Manager
Media Manager (x2)


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