Flicker Presents

That’s “Flicker Presents,” as in Flicker presents you with some awesome new opportunities.  Not presents as in gifts, although you can take this as a gift as well.  Flicker Presents is our new series for 2013 of bringing in people with experience to speak about topics that our members want to know about.

At 8:00 on February 4th, we will be having the first of these meetings.   And to start out, Caleb Ward will be coming to speak with us.  Caleb has done location scouting for the North Carolina Film Commission and will be talking about how to find great locations for your films.  Having a good location is one of the most crucial steps to creating a professional film, so this is a a great opportunity for everyone.

Continuing in our Flicker Presents series, Chris Vickery and Alex Hoelscher will be joining us on the 18th at 8:00.  They will be talking about their new short film, “Lucid,” and its unique cinematography.  This is a film which was created without the use of artificial lights but looks absolutely beautiful.  They will also be discussing the extents of pre-production necessary to make truly good films.

Stay tuned for more information on Flicker Presents.  We will have more exciting news ahead.


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