Script Announcements for Spring 2013 Large Group Projects

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
The two scripts to be produced for Flicker’s large group projects of Spring 2013 are as follows:

A Most Cherished Moment (Allegedly) by Allie Manasco

The story of a young woman’s trip to the store for a home pregnancy test (and the shenanigans involved with it), this sarcastic yet heartfelt comedy playfully examines the fears and societal attitudes surrounding unplanned pregnancy.

Borrowed Time by Chris Vickery

A poignant, character-driven drama about an introverted history enthusiast whose love of stories is misunderstood by the people around him.  However, this passion leads him to surprising discoveries as he tracks down the owner of antique pocket watch he finds in a park.

Production will begin on each of these films immediately.  If you were unable to be at the meeting tonight, remember that you can e-mail us at with the crew position you wish to have on which film and your experience related to that position.  If you’re unsure what crew position you want, you can just mention a department.  Just be sure to send that e-mail by 5:00 on Wednesday.

Now let’s make some movies!


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