Let the Credits Roll…

Design an opening credit intro for the chance to have your work featured at the start of all upcoming Flicker Film Society productions!

Check out the official rules below:

Flicker Film Society is seeking an opening credit intro for official Flicker productions in the coming year (think production company intros like those for MGM, Jerry Bruckheimer, or Pixar).

  • Submissions must include one of the following phrases: “Flicker Film Society,” “A Flicker Film Society Production,” or “A Flicker Film Production.”
  • We ask that the intro represent a similar style to Flicker’s current logo design; however, we will also accept submissions that incorporate the old logo or a new original design.
  • In total the intro must be under 10 seconds.
  • Submissions should be exported as H.264 Quicktime files for screening purposes. Should your submission be chosen as the final design, we will contact you in regards to receiving an uncompressed version.
  • Name your file according to the following format: LastName_FlickerIntroContest.
    Video files may be submitted to flickeruncw@gmail.com in several ways: a private Vimeo link with a download option; a Dropbox link; a shared file on Google Drive; an unlisted video on Youtube.
  • Your file may also be submitted on a CD or a flashdrive deposited in the Flicker Office mailbox.

The final deadline for submissions is Monday, October 20th.

The winner will receive credit in all future Flicker Film Society productions incorporating this design.

Equipment Seminar Meeting

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our equipment seminar meeting! We’re very excited to let you all rent our equipment – especially now that you know how to use it!

Just a reminder: Please pay your dues to be an active Flicker member and rent out our equipment!

Our meeting this Monday is our Pitch Meeting! Bring your best ideas to present to the club!

Officer Retreat Recap

This weekend has been a super busy weekend for the officers!

On Friday night, Caleb, Kenneth, Carson, Sean, Adam, Nick, Joey, and Liz all headed out to a cabin for the annual Flicker Officer Retreat! (And this year, no one ran out of gas halfway there *coughcoughBeaucoughcough*)

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Upon unpacking, things right off the bat got crazy in the awesome way that only our officers could. Caleb was locked out of the cabin as everyone hid in the bathroom, Sean and Kenneth ordered pizza and got a laugh out of the pizza man by dressing Sean up in a ridiculous costume, and some insane props were shared.

Of course, they also got some business done, talking about their goals for themselves as officers and for the club. Some really awesome ideas came up that they’re excited to put into practice this year!

The rest of the night was spent making a short film that we’re debuting at tonight’s meeting – so make sure you’re in Morton 100 at 8pm!

The next morning (after maybe 3 hours of sleep – if that), after a fire alarm adventure

Some of us had trouble getting up...

Some of us had trouble getting up…

and breakfast, the officers discussed expectations for themselves and then headed back to campus to discuss Flicker productions and to update some policies – but more about that at our Pitch Meeting next week!

All around, it was a fun officer retreat. Our verdict? A success!

Night of the Living Dead!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Night of the Living Dead Labor Day Movie Night! We weren’t able to take many photos, but if you took any photos (or just want to share your experience) please email us at flickeruncw@gmail.com!

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Welcome, Class of 2018!

We’ve had three orientations so far, and we are so glad to have a bunch of enthusiastic newcomers to welcome into our group!

Check out our photos below – try to find yourself and your friends!

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Flicker Film Society: Weekly Blog 2/03/14


Welcome back

Welcome back Flicker kids! It’s been a long time since there’s been a blog but truth be told not has been going on. Our first meeting was replaced by an outing to see “her.” If you haven’t seen it yet you better give it all the money you have.

But let’s move on to discussing our first official meeting of the semester. For the first meeting we re-stated our mission statement:

1. To achieve a greater understanding of the filmmaking processes and all things related.

2. To learn more about various film modes, genres, theories, and forms.

3. To create a vibrant community of filmmakers and film lovers. To have a friendly and welcoming place for us to come together.

We have plans for this semester that you’ll see soon.

We also reintroduced everyone in case you forgot. We welcomed the new people. Hopefully they weren’t scared away.


He’s so damn serious about his selfies.

Most of the meeting was focused on filming a test short for a film Flicker President Aaron Barnett has been thinking about for a while. The short film is made up of selfies and is called, well, “Selfie.” We split up the club into sections responsible for filming their own scenes.

Second Unit has also started a production schedule and so far it has followed it. Filming sketches every Saturday with vlogs being filmed every other Saturday. It’s found its legs this semester.


Time travel kids.

Last and certainly not least Reel Teal is coming up. You can join the event here and contribute to the indiegogo here.

If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Watch Second Unit here.

There’s some cool stuff in the world:

A filmmaker moves into game development with fantastic results.


Comedian Bo Burnham is so great. He released his special for free.

Reel Teal 2014 IndieGoGo

Hey Flicker member and all those interested. We are still putting together this year’s Reel Teal Film Festival. We’ve even set up an IndieGoGo page. If you’re interested in helping out in any way donating would be a great start.20140101160624-try_8

You can donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reel-teal-film-festival-2014

If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Flicker Film Society Year End Blog: 2013

Welcome everyone to the return of the Flicker Blog! It’s the end of 2013 and we were all able to get a lot of stuff done in just the first semester of the school year. So let’s recap shall we?

I'm so gosh-dang proud of you.

I’m so gosh-dang proud of you.

We all have shot about seven (or more) productions. You should pat yourselves on the back for that one. I’m not quite sure about the exact number but that’s just a testament to how well we can all assemble and get stuff done! (Can I curse on this blog? I can’t remember. Oh well. Best not for now.) The officers made three sketches and two short films before September let out and then you all carried the torch from there. We’re all very proud of how you’ve all taken the initiative to make your own projects! From “Okay” to all the other projects in pre-production right now. It’s a very exciting time to be in Flicker right now!

We’ve also had a rather successful 24 Hour Film Race this year! You can check the winner out below if you missed it:


Logo By Adam Getz

Following a year of planning a dedicated YouTube channel to house sketches we’ve put together Second Unit Productions. We’ve been getting a ton of material written to produce next semester. This will also include a T.V. show and a podcast. So if you’re interested in joining Second Unit you can click here to be updated with all the goings on.

We made a music video for Parker G and interviewed Channing Duke about being a PA and her professional experiences in Film. We had a Christmas party where people shook hands with someone who was heavily lotioned up. (Is lotioned a word? Probably not.) We were even able to connect with the members more than what was previously achieved in past years. Overall this semester was a success.

So that was this year in Flicker. Pretty cool. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did. If you’re on Facebook make sure to join our community group page. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.

Here’s a message from the Flicker Officers:

Happy Holidays and see you all next year!

There’s some cool stuff in the world:

Guillermo Del Toro gushes over the king of suspense.

You should watch more filth. Broaden your horizons.

What movies do you like better? It gets pretty tough.

Toy Story isn’t just amazing, it’s a treasure trove of trivia material.

Merry Christmas

Flicker Film Society: 24 Hour Video Race

Hey everyone! Flicker’s 24 Hour Video Race is happening this Friday! The race will start upon signup on Friday, Nov 22nd in DeLoach 114 at 5 p.m. A prop and line will be announced at the event that you all will have to incorporate into your film. Signup is $10 per group. The films will be presented in King 101 on Saturday, Nov 23rd at 5 p.m.

Just a few rules:

- Signup is per group, that means per film. The group splits the $100 prize if they win.

- Films must be in .mov format.

- Films must incorporate the prop and line provided.

- Films must be 5 minutes or shorter.

- We will give packets detailing the rules at the signup event. What that means is teams must have one representative at the signup event.

If you’re interested in joining our club check out our community page.